JWC Represents NEI at Interbattery 2020 in Korea

October 2020

NEI’s representive, Jung Won Corporation, was present at Korea’s Leading Battery Exhibition, InterBattery 2020, last week. For the past 6+ years, JWC has been NEI’s sales partner for solid state electrolyte materials in Korea.

NEI Corporation has been a long trusted source for commercial and custom solid electrolyte materials. Solid electrolytes conduct lithium ions at room temperature and can potentially replace conventional organic electrolytes, which are flammable and toxic, thereby drastically improving the safety of batteries. NEI is actively involved in producing different solid electrolyte materials of both oxide and sulfide-based compositions, as well as polymer-based electrolyte materials.

Sulfide Solid Electrolytes:

  • NANOMYTE® SSE-10 (“LSPS”) – Lithium Tin Phosphorus Sulfide (Li10SnP2S12) powder
  • “LPS” – Lithium Phosphorus Sulfide (β-Li3PS4)
  • “LPSCl” – Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur Chloride (Li6PS5Cl)
  • “LPSI” – Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur Iodide (Li7P2S8I)

Oxide Solid Electrolytes:

  • “LLZO” – Al-doped Lithium Lanthanum Zirconate (Li6.24La3Zr2Al0.24O11.98)
  • “LLZTO” – Ta-doped Lithium Lanthanum Zirconate (Li6.4La3Zr1.4Ta0.6O12)
  • “LATP” – Lithium Aluminum Titanium Phosphate (Li1.4Al0.4Ti1.6(PO4)3)
  • “LLTO” – Lithium Lanthanum Titanate (Li0.34La0.56TiO3)

Polymer Electrolytes:

For more information, please contact: salesinfo@jwc.co.kr