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Solid Polymer Electrolyte

NANOMYTE® H-polymer is a solid polymer electrolyte specifically designed for lithium-ion battery applications. As a 100% solid material, H-polymer combines the benefits of high room temperature ionic conductivity with the good mechanical properties of a solid polymer.

H-polymer is a PEO-based copolymer with PEO segments in the polymer backbone. PEO has been intensively explored as a solid polymer electrolyte. Although the PEO / lithium salt complex has good lithium-ion conductivity above 60 °C, the room temperature ionic conductivity is typically low due to the crystallization of PEO chains. NANOMYTE® H-polymer overcomes this drawback by having an amorphous structure and a much improved ionic conductivity of around four orders of magnitude higher (~ 5 x 10-5 S/cm) than that of pure PEO.

NANOMYTE® H-Polymer can be used as a separator, by itself, or in combination with an inorganic solid electrolyte. It can also be used as a Li-ion conductive binder to reduce the interfacial resistance between cathode or anode particles.

Features & Benefits

  • Conducts lithium ions at room temp
  • Forms composite membranes with inorganic solid electrolyte particles
  • Flexible membrane can be cast


  • Ionic Conductivity: 5 x 10-5 S/cm
  • Crystallinity: Amorphous
  • Glass Transition Temperature: < 0 °C

For additional specifications, see our Technical Data Sheet (pdf) »

XRD patterns of H-polymer and PEO

Available for Purchase

NANOMYTE® H-Polymer is available for sale in lots of 10g, 25g, 50g and 100g (larger quantities available upon request).