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NEI introduces NANOMYTE® SE-50, Polymer-Ceramic Composite Electrolyte

May 22, 2018

Somerset, NJ (USA) – NEI Corporation is excited to introduce its latest product: NANOMYTE® SE-50. The solid electrolyte is a hybrid, polymer-ceramic composite material for use in solid state lithium batteries. SE-50 has high Li+ ionic conductivity, is compatible with 5V cathode materials, and provides very low resistance in the cell, making the innovative material unique among available solid electrolytes.

The two key challenges for achieving high performance solid state batteries are the low ionic conductivity of many solid electrolytes and the large impedance posed by the electrode-electrolyte interface. SE-50 has been engineered to address these challenges by having a high Li+ ionic conductivity, combined with low interfacial resistance between the electrode and solid electrolyte. These properties are enabled by the unique elastomeric self-adhesive properties of the solid electrolyte. In addition, SE-50 has excellent electrochemical stability, which allows its use with high voltage cathode materials, such as NMC.

NANOMYTE® SE-50 is used as the separator and is added to the electrode as well, where it can be cast either into a free standing film or directly onto a cathode tape for cell assembly. When fabricating cells, the polymer-ceramic electrolyte is incorporated into the electrode tape in order to confer ionic conductivity to the electrode. This is in contrast to cells using a liquid electrolyte, where the liquid electrolyte molecules can get access to the pores in the electrode. When used in conjunction with traditional binders, such as PVDF, SE-50 serves as a conductive binder to afford Li+ conductivity in the electrodes and reduce the interfacial resistance between the cathode and electrolyte. After the cathode containing NANOMYTE® SE-50 is fabricated, the solid electrolyte can then be cast directly onto the cathode tape. The cathode and separator layers can then be combined with the anode to complete cell assembly.

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About NEI Corporation:

NEI Corporation is an application driven company that utilizes nanotechnology to develop and produce advanced materials. The company’s core competencies are in synthesizing nanoscale materials and prototyping products that incorporate advanced materials. NEI Corporation offers cathode and anode materials (both powders and coated electrodes), and solid state electrolytes for use in lithium-ion batteries. We produce battery materials through our scalable and economical solid state synthesis process, which is adaptable to different materials compositions and particle morphologies.

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