High Performance Battery Materials

Cathodes, Anodes, and Electrolytes

Materials & Services for Lithium-ion Batteries

Cathodes, Anodes, and Solid Electrolytes

NEI Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of commercial and specialty cathode, anode, and electrolyte materials for use in lithium-ion batteries. Battery materials are produced through our scalable and economical solid state synthesis process, which is adaptable to different material compositions and particle morphologies. Both, lithium-ion battery developers and manufacturers work with us to obtain cathode, anode and electrolyte powders that are ideally suited for their application. In addition to our growing list of commercial products, NEI also specializes in custom synthesis of harder to obtain cathode, anode and solid electrolyte materials while maintaining safety, high capacity, long cycle life, high rate and good low temperature performance.

Cell Testing and R&D Services

In addition to our materials, NEI also offers cost-effective, comprehensive materials development, characterization, & electrochemical testing services to its customers. Multinational corporations, small businesses, U.S. national laboratories, researchers at universities, and U.S. federal laboratories have all benefited from utilizing NEI’s services and products. Our ability to tailor materials has resulted in improved battery performance for our customers. We also have manufacturing capabilities in place to produce your custom material in large quantities, and all work is done in a highly confidential manner.