Materials Analysis, Testing, and Characterization

When it comes to Advanced Materials Analysis, there’s no other MATCH

NEI’s Materials Analysis, Testing, & Characterization service (or MATCH) offers comprehensive materials characterization and analysis, specializing in the nanoscale level. As a leading developer and manufacturer of nanotechnology-based materials, we leverage our vast experience and knowledge in nanoscale materials to help our customers in analyzing and helping attain their materials goals. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to satisfy all of your testing needs with excellent precision at a competitive price and in a timely manner (view & download our NDA).

Characterization & Testing Services

Powder Characterization »

Our full powder characterization services include comprehensive physical and structural analysis of powders. Along with powder characterization, we have the capability to conduct quantitative and qualitative phase analysis of solids. These analyses include lattice parameter measurements, structural refinement, crystallite size, identification of crystalline phase and quantity.

Coatings Characterization »

We have an array of equipment to characterize coatings and free standing films. Our capabilities include characterization of mechanical properties (Taber, hardness), wetting behavior, optical transmission (UV to mid-IR), electrical conductivity, thickness, functional groups (using IR spectroscopy), and microstructure.

Dispersions Characterization »

Extensive characterization services are available for both aqueous & non-aqueous dispersions of nanomaterials. NEI has the capability to assess dispersion stability in terms of pH, electrophoretic mobility, zeta potential & viscosity. Further quantitative analysis of dispersion quality is also available, including solids content, rheology, aggregate size, optical transmission, & transmitted haze.

Battery Testing »

NEI’s battery cell preparation and characterization includes industry standard tape coating and cell level testing. The tapes are customized based on the customer’s requirements, including modifications in the composition of the tape, solids loading (80-95%), thickness of the tape, tape porosity, and the choice of current collector.

Corrosion Testing »

We have an array of equipment to test metal corrosion in different environments. Our facilities include dedicated systems such as a salt-spray testing chamber, a humidity cabinet, an immersion test chamber, and an electrochemical corrosion test work station (Princeton Applied Research VersaSTAT 3 potentiostat / galvanostat with a standard three electrode electrochemical cell).