NEI Services

Flexible Services That Fit Your Business Needs

NEI offers a variety of services for the Advance Materials industry, such as materials development, characterization, & analysis, electrospinning, machine learning, expert witness, & cell testing.

Materials R&D Services »

Partner with us for advanced materials development, specifically for your application. We combine our intellectual property and technical expertise to develop a material that suits your application’s needs. We create a custom materials solution to meet your requirements through a structured approach involving specified milestones. We will work with you from initial R&D all the way through large scale manufacturing. Your intellectual property rights are fully protected at all times.

Battery R&D and Cell Testing »

NEI’s battery cell preparation and characterization includes industry standard tape coating and cell level testing. The tapes are customized based on the customer’s requirements, including modifications in the composition of the tape, solids loading (80-95%), thickness of the tape, tape porosity, and the choice of current collector.

Characterization & Analysis »

NEI offers comprehensive materials characterization and analysis, specializing in the nanoscale level. Our vast experience and knowledge in nanoscale materials provides you with unique insights when it comes to analyzing your materials and achieving your goals. Services include: powder, coatings, and dispersion characterization, as well as battery and corrosion testing.

Machine Learning »

NEI can maximize your coating or battery material’s performance by implementing a new Artificial Intelligence technique called Machine Learning (ML). This cutting-edge service drastically reduces the time and money spent on material and process optimization using advanced algorithms to determine a limited number of experiments to predict and optimize the value of the desired characteristics for your materials.

Electrospinning Services »

NEI’s versatile electrospinning services can produce multi-scale, multifunctional, nanoscale and micron-sized fibers, providing an advantage over conventional fiber production technology. We can incorporate nanoparticles into electrospun fibers, produce core-sheath fibers, and fabricate composites of electrospun fibers embedded in polymer matrix composites. Fibers can be produced for a broad array of applications, such as protective clothing, filters, tissue engineering, biotechnology, and optical electronics.

Expert Witness Services »

NEI Corporation provides expert witness support, in the field of materials science and engineering, to attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation and intellectual property (IP) infringement cases. The company employs a multi-disciplinary group of highly motivated scientists and engineers from a wide variety of technical fields, serving a broad range of industries. With expertise in both manufacturing and materials characterization, NEI is uniquely suited to provide in-depth support for criminal and civil litigation cases.

Technology Commercialization (TIPs) »

NEI offers it’s vast product development experience and expertise to researchers in the Advanced Materials field to help advance their technology to the next level. Over the past 20 years, NEI has developed the ability to rapidly transition technologies from proof-of-concept to products. Our practical market-oriented approach involves process development & scale-up, prototype demonstration, and identification & bridging of technology gaps.