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NEI Expands NANOMYTE® Lithium Battery Product Line

September 9, 2015

Somerset, New Jersey (USA) – NEI Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty cathode, anode, and electrolyte materials for Lithium-ion batteries, has announced an expansion of its NANOMYTE® Lithium Battery Product Line. The new products include:

NEI also offers oxide and sulfide electrolyte powders and dispersions, such as:

Specialty compositions and particle morphologies of your choice can also be custom produced.

About NEI Corporation:
NEI offers cost-effective, comprehensive materials development, characterization, & electrochemical testing services to its customers. As a long, trusted source for materials used in lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors, we are also well positioned to reproducibly synthesize small and large quantities of custom cathode, anode, and solid electrolyte compositions. We create a custom materials solution to meet your requirements through a structured approach involving specified milestones, and all work is done in a highly confidential manner.

We look forward to serving your battery needs!

For more information, contact:
Ms. Krista Martin
+1 (732) 868‐3141