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Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (NCA) Powder

Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2) is a cathode material that provides higher capacity than LiCoO2 when both are charged to 4.2 / 4.3V. NCA-based batteries are most suited for use in moderate rate applications that require high energy density.

Our NCA material is also available as a cast electrode tape (film).


  • Nominal capacity at 0.1C: ≥ 190 mAh/g
  • Minimum capacity: 170 mAh/g
  • Average Particle Size (APS): 11 – 13 μm
  • Grain Size: 50 – 70 nm

Available for Purchase

NANOMYTE® BE-45 is available for purchase in half kilogram quantities or higher. NEI can also customize any of our available powders to meet your specifications. Request your quote today!

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