Battery R&D Services

Custom Battery Materials Development

Cathodes, Anodes, & Solid Electrolytes

NEI Corporation specializes in producing non-commodity cathode, anode, and solid electrolyte battery materials. Our core competency is in providing compositions and powder morphologies that are not readily available in the market. We work closely with both lithium-ion battery developers and manufacturers to attain specialty battery materials that are ideally suited for their application. Our extensive materials science background and ability to custom tailor materials has resulted in improved battery performance for our customers and provides new capabilities for enabling next generation batteries. We also have manufacturing capabilities in place to produce your custom material in large quantities, and all work is done in a highly confidential manner (view & download our NDA).

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Cathode & Anode Materials

Development Services for Cathode & Anode Materials:

  • New compositions
  • New particle morphologies
  • New process development
  • Process scale-up
  • Modify existing materials (surface modification, coated particles, particle size, morphology, tap density, & surface area)
  • Includes materials for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Sodium ion (Na-ion) batteries
Solid Electrolytes

Development Services for Solid Electrolyte Materials:

  • Oxide-based Solid State Electrolytes (LLZO, LLTO, LATP, and more)
  • Sulfide-based Solid State Electrolytes (LPS, LSPS, LPSCl, and more)
  • Polymer-based Solid State Electrolytes (PEO-based co-polymer & polymer-ceramic composite)
  • New particle morphologies
  • New process development
  • Process scale-up
  • Modify existing materials (particle size, morphology, tap density, & surface area)
Additional Services

Additional Development Services:

  • Customer-specified electrode sheet fabrication (custom loadings, coating thickness, binder type / content)
  • Perform R&D based on customer’s materials and concepts
  • Electrospin separators
  • Materials characterization (particle size, surface area, XRD…)
Quote Form

Quote Request Form

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