Anticorrosion Paints & Coatings


“Pretreatment for Steel Helps Reduce Level of Grit Blasting”

The conventional surface preparation for painting steel involves near white blast cleaning according to procedure SSPC SP-10. This level of grit blasting is costly, time consuming and is an environmental issue because of the large amount of hazardous waste produced.

NANOMYTE® PT-20 is a thin nanocomposite pretreatment that acts as a bonding agent between the metal substrate and primer. Excellent adhesion enables reduction of grit blasting from SP-10 to SP-6, or even SP-3 in less corrosion prone areas.


  • Waterborne formulation
  • Air dry treatment
  • No VOCs or HAPs
  • Spray or immersion application


  • Less surface preparation required due to lower grit blast cleaning
  • Can be applied directly over residual paint
  • Employs standard coating equipment

NANOMYTE® PT-20 is available in liter and gallon quantities.