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NANOMYTE® Anti-ice Coatings

Eliminate the need for frequent maintenance with NEI’s Anti-Ice Coatings

NEI’s Anti-ice Coatings impart anti-icing properties to the underlying substrate, reducing ice adhesion by up to 80%, and thereby preventing dangerous ice build up. The nanocomposite coatings are hard and transparent, while providing a smooth and glossy finish with low haze. SuperAi is a versatile coating that can be applied directly on a variety of substrate materials, including plastics, metals, glass, concrete and ceramics. The low viscosity formulation spreads quickly – even over complex surfaces – and cures under ambient conditions.

Applications & Uses

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In independent tests performed at multiple sites, it has been shown that NANOMYTE® SuperAi reduces the adhesion strength of ice by 60 to 80%, compared to bare metal and painted surfaces. This in turn leads to reduced ice accretion. The use of SuperAi in applications such as wind turbines, overhead high voltage power lines, transportation, marine, and others enhances productivity and energy efficiency, thereby providing a good return on investment.

SuperAi coatings are easy to use, single component coating solutions. It can be applied by brush, spray, or wipe with no primer or curing required. The dry film thickness can be adjusted to be in the range of 5 – 15 microns (1/5th to 3/5th of a mil) and only one coat is required to cover the substrate.

Available Formulations

Available Formulations

SuperAi is available in two formulations, original and with UV protection.


NANOMYTE® SuperAi can be applied directly on a variety of substrate materials to reduce the ice adhesion of treated surfaces (including plastics, metals, glass, concrete and ceramics) by up to 80%, thereby preventing ice buildup. The low viscosity formulation spreads quickly – even over complex surfaces – and cures under ambient conditions. The transparent coating is hard and dense, while providing a smooth and glossy finish, with low haze.

Technical Information: Safety Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet


NANOMYTE® SuperAi-UVP is a nanocomposite coating with enhanced weatherability that imparts anti-icing and UV-protective properties to the underlying substrate. In addition to shedding ice buildup, the single component coating helps keep surfaces clean, while also providing protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation. SuperAi-UVP maintains excellent hydrophobicity, with a static water contact angle of 100 – 105° (even after 2,000 hours of QUV exposure) as well as a low ice adhesion value of less than 1 psi after more than 1,000 hours of exposure.

Technical Information: Safety Data SheetTechnical Data SheetLearn More about NEI’s UVP Technology »

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Weather Resistant – Hydrophobic surface repels water and reduces ice build up
  • UV Protection – UVP formula provides protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • Light Weight – Thin coating application (< 1 mil or 25 microns) provides a light weight solution, reduced power consumption
  • Easy-to-Clean – Lower friction, slippery surface makes it resistant to contamination and easier to clean up
  • Easy Application – Can be applied by spraying, dipping, or brushing, with no primer or curing required
  • Durability – Exceptional scratch, wear, and erosion resistance for durable anti-ice performance
  • Cost Savings – Suitable for permanent application, increasing the service life of coated parts, reducing raw material, labor, and energy costs of repainting and re-coating
  • Maintenance – Eliminates frequent cleaning & repainting of treated surfaces

Product Specifications

  • Color: Clear
  • Curing Temperature: 20° – 150 °C
  • Cured Film Thickness: 5 – 15 µm
  • Coverage: 110 m2 (1200 ft2) per gallon
  • Solids Content: 18 – 20 %
  • Water Contact Angle: 100 – 105°
  • Weatherability (SuperAi-UVP only): 1,000 hours (minimum, DFT = 0.5 mils) by ASTM D4587 (G154, Cycle 1)

Coating Application

It is recommended that coating application be performed in a clean environment to minimize surface defects. The coating can be applied by immersion, spraying, rolling, or brushing. Only one coat is required to cover the substrate. Under ambient conditions (25°C / 77°F, 50% RH), a single coat is 5 – 15 µm (0.2 – 0.6 mil) thick. Dilute with isopropanol as needed.

Surface Preparation:
Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean, dry, and in sound condition. Before applying SuperAi, remove all oil, grease, dust, dirt and other foreign material by using an appropriate cleaner. To ensure that the surface is completely free of oil and grease, use a lint-free white cloth with a solvent such as alcohol or acetone, and wipe the surface. If the cloth remains white, the surface is clean; if the cloth turns dark, continue cleaning until it remains white. Once clean, SuperAi can be applied by following the instructions below.

Application by Spraying:
When surface preparation is complete and surface is dry and free of dust, begin application using a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun with a 1.0 size tip and the pressure set at approximately 25 to 30 psi. On a separate piece of cardboard, first spray a test pattern to achieve a 6” to 8” elongated pattern approximately 1½” wide in the middle and fluid enough to cover but not puddle. If there is high wind, this will affect the quality of the finish as blowing wind can disrupt the spray pattern from your HVLP. It can also contribute to contamination of the finish with blowing dust. It may be necessary to erect a windscreen to protect the area. Once the spray pattern is achieved on the test cardboard, spray one coat in a cross-pattern; left to right, then up and down. This will provide sufficient coverage and will help prevent holes in coverage. Desired wet film thickness (WFT) is approximately 2.0 to 2.5 mils (spraying undiluted solution).

If using spray application method in an enclosed space, make certain to tent off the area being sprayed with plastic tarps to avoid spray dust from traveling and contaminating other surfaces with overspray dust. Tented and enclosed areas always require to be positively supplied with fresh air and have ventilated exhaust to outside using fans. Never spray near any open flame or any possible source of ignition such as pilot light, or anything that may spark, as this may cause ignition and explosion of the fumes and vapors.

Application by Rolling:
Make certain the surface is clean as per preparation instructions. Using a white, ultra-smooth high-density foam roller, pour SuperAi into a roller pan and completely saturate the roller. Apply in a cross-pattern; left to right, then up and down as quickly as possible as the coating dries fast. Avoid down pressure on the roller to achieve a better looking finish.

Application by Brushing:
Make certain the surface is clean as per preparation instructions. Select the appropriate size brush width based on the surface area being coated. Using only a good quality China bristle brush, apply SuperAi in a cross-pattern; up and down, then left and right. To obtain the best results, do not overwork the coating as it dries fairly quickly. Do not bear down with the brush. Use light strokes using the tip of the brush to smooth out the coating. Desired wet film thickness (WFT) is approximately 2.0 to 2.5 mils.


Ambient Curing: Under ambient conditions (25°C / 77°F, 50% RH), a single coat will be dry to the touch in 1 hour and completely cured in 24 hours.

Accelerated Curing: In order to accelerate curing, let the coated surface dry in ambient air for 10 minutes and then heat to at least 105°C for a minimum of 5 minutes, preferably ~15 minutes. An oven, blow dryer, or heat gun may be used (maximum temperature is 150°C).

For complete information and instructions, please refer to our Technical Data Sheets: SuperAi TDS ♦ SuperAi-UVP TDS

Safety Information

Product Safety Information

Precautions for Safe Handling
Appropriate personal protective equipment should be used at all times. Provide good ventilation or extraction. Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Keep away from heat, sparks, flames and other sources of ignition. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

Conditions for Safe Storage
Avoid storage over 100° F and contamination with incompatible materials. Keep containers tightly closed in a cool, well ventilated place. Protect from moisture. Residual vapors might explode on ignition. Do not apply heat, cut, drill, and grind or weld on or near this container.

For complete information on the safe use of this material, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet: SuperAi SDSSuperAi-UVP SDS

Case Study

The Development of NEI’s Anti-Ice Coating Technology for the Aerospace Industry

A Case Study of NANOMYTE® SuperAi from Concept to Implementation

The leading edge of the wing is where icing occurs.

A manufacturer of de-icing systems brought up the idea of combining an active de-icing system with a coating that easily sheds ice. Ice formation on the leading edge of an aircraft is a common aviation danger, playing a key role in several catastrophic accidents over the years that have killed people and destroyed aircrafts. All commercial aircraft have a built-in ice protection system, which could be either a thermal, thermal-mechanical, electro-mechanical, or pneumatic system. A common issue with de-icing devices is that they consume substantial power.  Aircraft generally look to reduce power consumption, and with the advent of battery-powered aircraft, mechanisms or features that reduce power consumption are critically important. The aspect of reduced power is also relevant for battery powered drones. Applying a passive anti-ice coating that functions synergistically with the active de-icing device is an attractive approach. The advantages are reduced power consumption, improved service life of mechanical components, lighter electronics and extra protection in case of failure of active device.

The challenge presented to the engineers and scientists at NEI Corporation was to develop and demonstrate a coating that exhibits durable anti-ice performance and satisfactory wear and erosion resistance. More importantly, it needed to be practical for retrofitting in-service aircraft as well as be used by OEMs. In order to address the need, NEI developed its NANOMYTE® SuperAiTM coating technology to have the following features:

  • Extremely lubricating surface
  • Superior ice adhesion reduction factor
  • Thin coating (< 1 mil or 25 microns), providing a light weight solution
  • Durable anti-ice performance, suitable for permanent application
  • Room temperature cure
  • Easy application by spraying, dipping, or brushing

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Frequently Asked Questions

NANOMYTE® Anti-ice coatings are sold and shipped directly from NEI and available in liter or gallon (~3.8L) quantities, as well as higher volumes by request. Alternatively, NEI offers custom coating services for a nominal fee and would be happy to coat your sample substrates for evaluation purposes.

Where can I find pricing?

To request pricing or a quote, please fill out our quote form.

Where can I find the specifications?

A list of available specifications for each of our coatings can be found on the Technical Data Sheets page »

Where can I find the Material Safety Data Sheet for a particular coating?

A list of available Safety Data Sheets can be found on our MSDS page »

How are your coatings applied?

NEI’s Anti-ice coatings can be applied using standard coating processes, such as spraying, dipping, or brushing, with no primer or curing required. Application instructions can be found on the Technical Data Sheet for each coating.

Do you have any UV-cured coatings?

Currently, NEI’s coatings are ambient or thermal cure only. Our UV Protective line of coatings offer enhanced protection from the effects of sun and weather exposure, however they are not UV curable.

Do I need a primer?

We have found that all plastics and a few metals (copper, stainless steel, & nickel) will need pretreatment before applying our coatings in order to promote adhesion between the coating and substrate. This can be achieved by either using a primer or treating the surface to be coated by corona or plasma treatment. One exception is our self-healing coatings, which do not need any primer or surface treatment prior to coating. NEI has a couple of primer formulations available, which work well with a range of plastics.

Can I have a free sample to see if it works for my application?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free samples for a number of reasons. However, our coatings are available for purchase starting as small as 1 liter. We also provide a coating service for a nominal fee, in order to demonstrate how are coating will work for your particular substrate / application.

What is the minimum order quantity for your coatings?

The minimum order quantity for most of our coatings is 1 liter.

How does your Coating Service work?

In some cases, it may be easier and more economical for NEI to coat parts for you. This option allows us to optimize and make recommendations on the application process for your particular substrate, in order to ensure the best coating application and performance. It’s also a great opportunity to try several different coatings on your specific parts to compare and test for your particular application. There is a nominal fee for this service in order to cover our costs, and will depend on the type, size, and quantity of your parts.

Can coatings be purchased for personal use?

Due to certain hazards and regulations, NEI only sells business to business.

How can I place an order?

NEI sells and ships it’s coatings directly from Somerset, NJ. We accept company and university purchase orders, or we can provide you with an order form. We can also accept orders through third-party buyers. We do not currently have any distributors or agents for our coatings.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

NEI accepts several forms of payment:

  • Domestic – Checks (USD), ACH bank transfers, Credit Cards
  • International – Wire transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Credit Cards

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express

What are your payment terms?

For most new customers, we require a prepayment or credit card, until a relationship is established. After that, we accept NET 30 payment terms, from date of invoice. Invoices are sent at the time of shipment.

How else can I contact you?

Email: You can send us a message, and one of our experts will be happy to answer any of your technical questions regarding our battery products and services.

Give us a Call: +1 (732) 868-3141

Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (ET)

Additional questions & answers can also be found on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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NANOMYTE® Anti-ice coatings are sold and shipped directly from NEI and available in liter or gallon (~3.8L) quantities, as well as higher volumes by request. Alternatively, NEI offers custom coating services for a nominal fee and would be happy to coat your sample substrates for evaluation purposes.

To submit a quote request, please complete the form below and a representative will be in touch with you soon. NEI accepts purchase orders (check, wire, or bank transfer) and credit cards. Please note that by entering your information and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy.

NEI can only sell to other businesses (not for personal use). Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free samples.


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