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Anti-fog Coating

SAF-100 is an optical grade, anti-fog coating with excellent abrasion and water resistance. The novel coating technology is based on NEI’s patented scratch-resistant, transparent coating, commercially known as NANOMYTE® SR-100. This base coating formulation has been modified with unique amphiphilic compounds which are locked into the coating matrix, creating a three-dimensionally networked molecular composite. The result is a high degree of mechanical durability, allowing the anti-fog properties to be retained, even after repeated washings with soap and water. NANOMYTE® SAF-100 passes EN 168 (Personal eye-protection. Non-optical test methods) for Mist Retardant Anti-fog Coatings and also exhibits anti-frost properties. The coating is easy to apply and is already in use in several commercial applications.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

NANOMYTE® SAF-100 coated polycarbonate resists fogging over hot water (left) and upon being removed from a freezer (right).

  • Exceptional Anti-fog Performance – Resists fogging in aggressive conditions
  • Outstanding Durability – Maintains mechanical integrity under water, ideal for permanent application
  • Excellent Abrasion and Mar Resistance – Improves the scratch and mar resistance of coated plastic substrates
  • Thin and Highly Transparent – Greatly minimizes optical distortion

Product Specifications

  • Color: Translucent (Part A) / Colorless (Part B)
  • Mix Ratio (A:B): 10:1 (by weight)
  • Induction time: 1 hour for spray; 12 hours for other application methods
  • Dry Film Thickness: 5 – 15 µm (recommended)
  • Pencil Hardness: HB
  • Anti-fog Performance:
    • Breath Fog Test – No fogging
    • Hot Water Test (80°C) – No fogging
    • Freezer Test – No fogging after transfer from a freezer (-15°C) to a humid environment

For all specifications and application instructions, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.


Easy to Apply

NANOMYTE® SAF-100 is an anti-fog coating for permanent application. The product is sold as a two-part liquid coating composition. It can be applied using standard coating processes, such as spraying, dipping, or flow coating and is thermally cured. For applications where a primer is necessary (such as polymer substrates), NEI supplies a primer product – NANOMYTE® SR-Primer – which works well with a range of plastics.

SAF-100 is ideally suited for surfaces where prevention of fogging and frosting is needed. The coating may be used on sports and safety goggles, glasses, face shields, respirators, outdoor signage, camera heads, environmental enclosures, windows, mirrors, windshields, displays, and other applications where fogging needs to be mitigated.

Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean and dry and apply a primer if necessary (such as polymer substrates). NEI supplies a primer product, NANOMYTE® SR-Primer, which works well with a range of plastics. The primer may be applied by dipping, flowing, spinning, rolling or spraying. For spray application of the primer, an HVLP spray gun with a nozzle size of < 1.0 mm is recommended, and the pressure should be set at approximately 25 to 30 psi. A single pass of spraying is recommended for the primer. The primed parts should then be dried at 70 ºC for 10 min before application of NANOMYTE® SAF-100.

It is recommended that coating application be performed in a clean environment to minimize surface defects. To make the coating solution, combine Part A and Part B at a 10:1 weight ratio and mix well by stirring briefly. The coating may be applied by spraying, dipping, or flowing.

For spray application of the coating, an HVLP spray gun with a nozzle size of < 1.0 mm is recommended, and the pressure should be set at approximately 25 to 30 psi. The induction time for spray application is 1 hour (i.e., wait at least 1 hour after mixing before coating application). For other application methods, it is recommended to age the mixed solution for at least 12 hours to obtain a highly uniform coating. Although the mixed coating solution is stable indefinitely, it is recommended to use the solution within 72 hours after mixing for the best performance. CURING
NANOMYTE® SAF-100 is thermally cured at an elevated temperature. Recommended curing conditions:

  • PMMA: 2 hours at 85°C
  • Polycarbonate: 1 hour at 120°C
  • Other: 30 minutes at 150°C (for substrates that can withstand high temperatures)

Shorter cure times / reduced temperatures may also be used depending on surface properties and performance requirements. Test samples for desired performance when deviating from recommendations.

For all specifications and application instructions, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.

Safety Information

Product Safety Information

Precautions for Safe Handling
Appropriate personal protective equipment should be used at all times. Provide good ventilation or extraction. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Keep away from heat, sparks, flames and other sources of ignition.

Conditions for Safe Storage
For best coating performance, keep containers tightly sealed and store in a dry and cool area. Avoid storage above 40°C / 104°F and contamination with incompatible materials. Keep away from heat, sparks, flames and other sources of ignition. Residual vapors might explode on ignition.

For complete information on the safe use of this material, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (Part A)(Part B)


Available Quantities

NANOMYTE® SAF-100 is a 2-part coating, sold in liter or gallon (~3.8L) kit quantities, as well as higher volumes by request. Both components (A & B) are included with purchase.

NANOMYTE® SAF-100 1 liter kit 1 gallon kit 5 gallon kit
Part A 3441 grams 909.1 grams 17.2 kg
Part B 344 grams 90.9 grams 1.72 kg

Additionally, NEI offers in-house coating services for customer’s parts, as well as coating development services, wherein coating formulations are customized to address specific customer requirements.

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NANOMYTE® SAF-100, anti-fog coating, is sold and shipped directly from NEI and available in liter or gallon (~3.8L) quantities, as well as higher volumes by request. Alternatively, NEI offers custom coating services for a nominal fee and would be happy to coat your sample substrates for evaluation purposes. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free samples.

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