Anticorrosion Paints & Coatings


Galvanization alone does not provide prolonged corrosion protection, as steel still suffers from white and red rust. NEI’s self-healing coating system for galvanized steel combines a self-healing pretreatment (PT-100) with a hard, durable barrier coating (TC-5001) to provide superior corrosion protection.

NANOMYTE® PT-100 is a chromate-free, self-healing conversion coating formulated for protecting zinc plated and galvanized. The thin pretreatment (~5 µm) is applied directly to the metal to prevent corrosion and improve adhesion, before applying NANOMYTE® TC-5001 or SR-500EC topcoat. Application is typically done by immersion or dipping parts into a bath of PT-100 solution.

PT-100 Features

  • Single component, waterborne solution
  • Contains no chromate or VOCs
  • Ambient temperature bath preparation
  • One-step immersion process and air dry
  • Excellent paint adhesion
  • Versatile self-healing technology

TC-5001 Features

  • Single-component coating solution
  • Hard, dense nanocomposite barrier coating
  • Corrosion, chemical, and abrasion resistant
  • Bonds to bare, pretreated, or painted metal surfaces
  • Customized formulations possible

System Benefits

  • High Performance – Corrosion protection, stain resistance, hard to scratch or chip,  water repellant, will not break down in sunlight, anti-fouling, self-healing
  • Easy Application – Dip, spray, or brush on
  • Cost Effective – Cost per square foot savings over traditional coatings, labor cost savings, protects the initial substrate investment
  • Environmentally Smart – Chromate-free, low VOCs, no heavy metals, no peeling or flaking into water or soil

NANOMYTE® PT-100 is available in liter and gallon quantities.

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