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“Drop-in Replacement for Chromate or Phosphate Pretreatment”

NANOMYTE® PT-10 is an anticorrosion pretreatment that contains no chromate or phosphate. The waterborne formulation consists of a conversion coating and organic sealant and can be used in spray or immersion systems to pretreat ferrous, aluminum, and galvanized metals. PT-10 provides excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion and can be applied at ambient temperatures, resulting in energy savings and reduced sludge production. Compared to conventional phosphate products, PT-10 significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Coatings can be formed in as little as 30 seconds, but typical applications may require up to 2 minutes immersion. Depending on the metal, the resulting coating can range in color from light gray-blue to light brown.

In lab experiments, NANOMYTE® PT-10 treated panels exhibited excellent protection of the corrosion-prone, copper-containing aluminum alloy 7075-T6. Bare metal and a commercial non-chromate coatings fail after just 100 hours. The chromate-coated panel serves as the control (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Figure 2

NANOMYTE® PT-10 treated panels perform as well as chromate on aluminum 7075-T6 panels coated with MIL-PRF-23377J (Type I, Class N) epoxy primer then scribed and exposed to salt-fog. Only slight blistering is observed along the scribe after 1,000 hours. Significant blistering is observed after just 100 hours on the bare metal, as well as the panel treated with a commercial non-chromate coating (Figure 2).

NANOMYTE® PT-10 is available in liter and gallon quantities.

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