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“Electrically Conducting Corrosion Resistant Coating”

NANOMYTE® PT-60C is an electrically conducting conversion coating, specifically formulated for the surface treatment of lightweight metal alloys used in the electronics industry. PT-60C provides excellent corrosion protection, while simultaneously providing surface and bulk electrical conductivity. The unique “self-repairing” nature of PT-60C overwhelms the galvanic corrosion caused by the electrical conductivity of the coating. PT-60C is a waterborne coating solution and is chromate-free. The coating is formed by immersing parts in the coating solution.

Lightweight metal components, protected by corrosion resistant coatings, are used in electrical circuits. The coating gets damaged over time due to contact and spring impact. The damaged areas are sites of potential general and galvanic corrosion. In order to maintain electrical conductivity in grounding and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, corrosion in the contact areas need to be inhibited. PT-60C provides the necessary corrosion protection. In contrast to currently used coatings, which are either not sufficiently conducting or do not provide adequate corrosion protection, PT-60C is an easy-to-use alternative with enhanced performance.


  • Single component, waterborne solution
  • Non-metallic coating
  • Ambient temperature bath preparation
  • Compatible with primers and paints


  • Provides both corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity
  • Versatile self-healing technology to counter impact damage
  • Standalone treatment specifically designed for the electronics industry
  • Eliminates chromate from the coating process

NANOMYTE® PT-60C is available in liter and gallon quantities.

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