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NANOMYTE® SuperAi Brochure

NANOMYTE® SuperAi is a nanocomposite coating that imparts anti-icing properties to the underlying substrate. Surfaces treated with SuperAi exhibit reduced ice adhesion (by up to 60%), thereby preventing ice buildup. The transparent coating is hard and dense, while providing a smooth and glossy finish, with low haze. SuperAi is a versatile coating that can be applied directly on a variety of substrate materials, including plastics, metals, glass, concrete and ceramics. The low viscosity formulation spreads quickly – even over complex surfaces – and cures under ambient conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Weather Resistant – Hydrophobic surface repels water and reduces ice build up
  • Easy-to-Clean – Lower friction, slippery surface makes it resistant to contamination and easier to clean up
  • Easy Application – Can be applied by brush, spray, or wipe, with no primer or curing required
  • Durability – Increases the service life of coating by preserving protective functions
  • Cost Savings – Reduces raw material, labor, and energy cost of repainting or recoating
  • Maintenance – Eliminates the need to frequently repaint or replace damaged coatings

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Technical Information
In independent tests performed at multiple sites, it has been shown that NANOMYTE® SuperAi reduces the adhesion strength of ice by 40 to 60%, compared to bare metal and painted surfaces. This in turn leads to reduced ice accretion. The use of SuperAi in applications such as wind turbines, overhead high voltage power lines, transportation, marine, and others enhances productivity and energy efficiency, thereby providing a good return on investment.

The coating can be applied by brushing, spraying or wiping. The dry film thickness can be adjusted to be in the range of 5 – 15 microns (1/5th to 3/5th of a mil), and only one coat is required to cover the substrate. The liquid coating solution is available in liter and gallon quantities.
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