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Coatings Characterization & Analysis

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Coatings Characterization Services:

Analysis / Test (+ options)

Optical Microscopy

➤ Bright field (Mag.: 50x, 200x, 500x, & 1000x)

➤ Additional images using light polarizer

➤ Interference contrast image

➤ Dark field images

Infrared Spectroscopy

➤ IR spectra (ATR)

➤ Transmission: Range (Wavenumber: 500 - 4000 cm-1)

➤ IR spectra functional group analysis

UV-Vis Spectroscopy (Range: 190 - 1100 nm)

➤ Coating provided on a UV-Vis transparent substrate

➤ Coating formulations that need to be applied on a glass or polymer slide prior to measurements

Contact Angle (water or oil)

➤ Static angle

➤ Advancing angle

➤ Receding angle

➤ Slide angle

➤ Specialty liquids

Sheet Resistance (Four Probe)

➤ Without sample preparation

➤ With sample preparation

Abrasion Testing (Taber Test)

➤ Weight loss

➤ Weight loss + ΔHaze

Coating Thickness

➤ Metal substrate

➤ Polymer substrate (using optical microscope)

Haze Testing

➤ Haze only

➤ Integrated transmission

Adhesion - Pull-off Dolly Test (Wet/Dry)

Adhesion - Tape Test (Wet/Dry)

Hardness Testing (Persoz or Koenig Hardness)

Scrap Adhesion and Mar Testing

Impact Testing (up to 18 N·m)

Accelerated Weathering Testing(Spray with Solar Eye Irradiance Control)