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October 16, 2014

Somerset, New Jersey (USA): NEI Corporation is proud to announce that it will now be distributing ANTS Ceramics Labware. ANTS Ceramics is one of the premium manufacturers of high quality ceramic labware in India. As the sole distributor of ANTS labware in the Americas, NEI will offer cylindrical, conical and high-form crucibles, boats, discs, plates and trays, at a competitive price (more than 50% less than top U.S. brands).

To make ordering easy, NEI has set up an online store for purchasing the labware products below:

Alumina Boats

Alumina Boats »

Alumina Crucibles

Alumina Crucibles »

Alumina Discs »

Alumina Discs »


Other Labware »

Visit_StoreAdditional Products

The following additional labware below are also available by special order through our contact / quote request form:

Alumina Labware »

Quartz Labware »

Quartz Labware »

Thermal Analysis Pans

Thermal Analysis Pans »


About ANTS Labware

ANTS Ceramics 99.7% Alumina Labware is made from Almatis GmbH Alumina imported from Germany. The labware is made by slip casting process and special care is taken to maintain the purity of the sintered Alumina to be above 99.7%.

About NEI Corporation

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For more information, contact:
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