Anticorrosion Paints & Coatings


“Nanocomposite Barrier Coating for Superior Corrosion Protection”

TC-4001 coated panels on right show no signs of white or red rust after 1,000 hours of salt-spray testing (ASTM B117). Coating is ~10 microns thick.

NANOMYTE® TC-4001 is a single component, anti-corrosion coating for metals. The hard, durable coating is applied directly to the surface to form a dense barrier coating that eliminates contact between the metal and moisture. TC-4001 strongly adheres to bare, pretreated, or painted metal surfaces and reduces the chipping of paint, as observed on galvanized steel. The formulation can be tailored to meet customers’ specifications and can be microns to mils thick. TC-4001 can be applied to metal by dipping, spraying, or brushing.

Features & Benefits

  • High Performance – Corrosion protection, stain resistance, hard to scratch or chip, water repellant, will not break down in sunlight, anti-fouling
  • Easy Application – Dip, spray, or brush on; most substrates require only one coat
  • Cost Effective – Cost per square foot savings over traditional coatings, labor cost savings, protects the initial substrate investment
  • Environmentally Smart – Low VOCs, no heavy metals, no peeling or flaking into water or soil

Product Overview

  • Single-component coating solution
  • Hard, dense nanocomposite barrier coating
  • Corrosion, chemical, and abrasion resistant
  • Bonds to bare, pretreated, or painted metal surfaces
  • Customized formulations possible


Military, aerospace, marine, automotive, electronics, infrastructure (pipelines, buildings, towers, bridges)

Coating Characteristics

  • Coverage: 800 – 1,200 sq. ft / gallon
  • Coating Base: Solvent
  • VOCs: Less than 100 g/L
  • Density: 7.36 lbs/gallon

Spread Rate

Recommended thickness per coat:

  • Wet mils: 1.5 – 2.0
  • Dry mils: 0.5 – 1.2


Iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc plated and galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and bronze, powder coated metals, and painted or primed metals.


Addresses problems related to corrosion (rust), oxidation, moisture and ice formation, acid rain, chemical stains, UV damage, mold build up, marine biofouling, and animal waste contamination.

NANOMYTE® TC-4001 is available in liter and gallon quantities.

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