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Polymer-Ceramic Composite Electrolyte

NANOMYTE® SE-50 is a hybrid, polymer-ceramic solid electrolyte for use in solid state lithium batteries. The two key challenges for achieving high performance solid state batteries are the low ionic conductivity of many solid electrolytes and the large impedance posed by the electrode-electrolyte interface. SE-50 has been engineered to address these challenges by having a high Li+ ionic conductivity, combined with low interfacial resistance between the electrodes and solid electrolyte. These properties are enabled by the unique elastomeric self-adhesive properties of the solid electrolyte. In addition, NANOMYTE® SE-50 has excellent electrochemical stability, which allows its use with high voltage cathode materials.

Features & Benefits

Product Features & Benefits

NANOMYTE® SE-50 is used as the separator and is added to the electrode as well. The material has been engineered such that it provides for low interfacial resistance between the electrode and electrolyte. The standard form of SE-50 is a polymer-ceramic composite, but it can also be supplied without the ceramic, with similar electrochemical properties.

  • Compatible with Lithium metal
  • Excellent electrochemical stability
  • Exceptionally low interfacial resistance
  • Stable up to 5.2V (at RT)
  • High ionic conductivity
  • Thermally stable up to 150 °C

Product Specifications

  • Ionic Conductivity: 2 – 4 x 10-4 S/cm (@ RT)
  • Crystallinity: Amorphous
  • Glass Transition Temperature: < -40°C (DSC)
  • Capacity at 0.04C (NMC): ≥ 190 mAh/g (with NMC811)
  • Capacity at 0.04C (LFP): ≥ 150 mAh/g (with LiFePO4)

For additional specifications and processing instructions, view / download our SE-50 Specification Sheet (pdf) »

Ionic Conductivity

Safety Information

Product Safety Information

NANOMYTE® SE-50 is composed of a proprietary blend of polymer and ceramic materials, with a Lithium Salt added. The material can be handled in a dry room for short periods of time, but it is important that the material is not exposed to moisture at any time.

Precautions for Safe Handling: Handle in a controlled environment, under inert gas. Appropriate personal protective equipment should be used at all times. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation and avoid inhalation of dust, vapors, or mist. If product is dispersed in solvent, keep away from sources of ignition – no smoking. Take measures to prevent the buildup of electrostatic charge. For additional precautions, see Safety Data Sheets.

Conditions for Safe Storage: Best stored under inert gas. Keep container tightly sealed, in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. This material is moisture and air sensitive. Protect from humidity and keep away from water. Keep away from oxidizing agents. Store in a locked cabinet or with access restricted to technical experts or their assistants. If product is dispersed in solvent, be sure that opened containers are carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.

For complete information on the safe use of this material, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

Available for Purchase

NEI offers SE-50 in lots of 10g, 25g, 50g, & 100g quantities (or larger) and is available in three different forms:

  • NANOMYTE® SE-50 is a bulk solid composite
  • NANOMYTE® SE-50A is a 30% SE-50 solution in Acetonitrile
  • NANOMYTE® SE-50N is a 30% SE-50 solution in NMP