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NEI is actively involved in producing different solid electrolyte materials of both oxide and sulfide-based compositions, as well as polymer-based solid electrolytes. A long trusted manufacturer of Specialty Materials, NEI is your go-to source for commercial and custom solid electrolytes for lithium batteries. All of our materials are made in-house & shipped directly to you!

Sulfide-based Solid Electrolytes

Sulfide-based solid electrolytes are one of the most highly sought and promising candidates for all-solid-state batteries.

  • “LPS” – Lithium Phosphorus Sulfide (Li3PS4)
  • “LTS” – Lithium Tin Sulfide (Li4SnS4)
  • “LSPS”Lithium Tin Phosphorus Sulfide (Li10SnP2S12) »
  • “LPSI” – Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur Iodide (Li7P2S8I)
  • “LPSCl” – Lithium Phosphorous Sulfur Chloride (Li6PS5Cl)
  • “LPSClI”Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur Chloride Iodide (Li6PS5Cl0.9I0.1)

Oxide-based Solid Electrolytes

NEI can supply the following oxide-based electrolytes:

  • “LLTO”Lithium Lanthanum Titanate (Li0.34La0.51TiOy) [y~3]
  • “LLZO” – Al-doped Lithium Lanthanum Zirconium Oxide (Li6.24La3Zr2Al0.24O11.98)
  • “LATP”Lithium Aluminum Titanium Phosphate (Li1.4Al0.4Ti1.6(PO4)3)

Polymer & Hybrid Electrolytes

NEI provides solid polymer electrolytes for rechargeable solid-state lithium batteries. The electrolytes are based on specially synthesized polymers that are complexed with highly conductive lithium salts.

Custom Materials

Looking for a custom material or hard to find composition not already listed? Let NEI make it for you! Let us know what you need – complete the form to the right »

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