NEI Corporation introduces UV-Protect Technology to NANOMYTE® Coating Line

March 7, 2018

Somerset, New Jersey (USA) – NEI Corporation announced today that it has introduced UV-Protect (UVP) technology to formulate enhanced versions of its popular NANOMYTE® coating products, which offer unique functionalities in coatings with unparalleled durability. The NANOMYTE® line of protective coatings and surface treatments provide tailored functionalities, such as hydrophobicity, superhydrophobicity, oleophobicity, superoleophobicity, self-healing, fog resistance, self-cleaning (or easy-to-clean), scratch resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-icing. They have found wide applicability in the industrial and automotive markets for their versatility and ability to be applied to a variety of surfaces – including glass, plastic, fiber-composite, metal, and ceramic. UVP technology imparts enhanced protection from the effects of sun and weather exposure to maintain the unique properties of their coating products when subjected to long-term outdoor exposure.

The newly-introduced product lineup consists of:

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NANOMYTE® coating products with UVP technology have demonstrated their ability to endure a minimum of 1,000 hours of weatherability testing per ASTM D4587, “Accelerated Weathering under Fluorescent UV-Condensation Exposure.” The testing was performed in a QUV chamber under the conditions specified in ASTM G154, Cycle 1, the most commonly used exposure cycle designed to simulate severe outdoor service conditions. The UVP functionality has been incorporated into each coating system without degrading other performance characteristics or ease of application. The cured film is both inherently resistant to the sun’s UV radiation, as well as capable of providing UV protection for the underlying surface. This, for example, allows the NANOMYTE® MEND product line to maintain excellent gloss and appearance in outdoor applications, such as automotive coatings. Polymer and composite materials can be particularly sensitive to the effects of UV exposure, which can have a variety of undesirable effects, beginning at the surface and often spreading throughout the bulk of the material. Surface attack immediately begins to compromise coating adhesion, eventually resulting in cracking and peeling. UV-degraded materials may also change colors, often resulting in the familiar yellowing of plastics and lose mechanical strength, making them prone to failure. UVP coatings block UV radiation, which protects surfaces by preserving coating adhesion and aesthetics, and prevents further penetration of UV light which can compromise the material’s strength and appearance.

Outdoor exposure can present additional challenges for surfaces to resist buildup of dirt, airborne contaminants, corrosion, and even ice. NEI’s line of durable protective topcoats, formulated as one-component, ambient-cure systems for ease of use, now offer UVP technology to extend their performance and shield sensitive surfaces. NANOMYTE® SR-500EC-UVP can protect a wide variety of surfaces from the effects of outdoor exposure, coupled with an easy-to-clean functionality with enhanced weatherability. For surfaces prone to icing, NANOMYTE® SuperAi-UVP not only helps keep surfaces clean, but also enhances their ability to shed ice buildup, all while providing excellent protection from the elements. Both of these coatings can maintain excellent hydrophobicity, with a static water contact angle of 100 – 105°, even after 2,000 hours of QUV exposure, while NANOMYTE® SuperAi-UVP maintains a low ice adhesion value of less than 1 psi after more than 1,000 hours of exposure. NANOMYTE® TC-4001-UVP and TC-5001-UVP have been optimized for metals to form a hard, durable coating with excellent barrier properties to prevent moisture penetration and corrosion.

NEI’s coating products featuring UVP technology can be applied by conventional processes, such as dipping, brushing or spraying. NEI also offers in-house coating services for customer’s parts, as well as coating development services, wherein coating formulations are created to address specific customer requirements. The development of NANOMYTE® UVP functional coatings has come about as a result of NEI’s capabilities in creating functionalized nanocomposite coatings. In addition to imparting protective and aesthetic properties, NANOMYTE® coatings lead to gains in productivity and efficiency and therefore can be used in many applications that traditionally have not used paints or coatings.

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About NEI Corporation:

NEI Corporation is an application-driven company that utilizes nanotechnology to develop and produce advanced materials. The company’s core competencies are in synthesizing nanoscale materials and prototyping products that incorporate advanced materials. NEI offers an array of Advanced Protective Coatings for metal and polymer surfaces, with tailored functionalities such as anti-corrosion, self-healing, scratch resistance, ice-phobic, and self-cleaning.

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NEI Releases a Newly Improved Version of NANOMYTE® SuperCN – a Durable, Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Coating

February 29, 2016

Somerset, New Jersey (USA) – NEI Corporation announced today that it has introduced an improved version of its NANOMYTE® SuperCN coating. NANOMYTE® SuperCN – a micron-thick, transparent, and highly durable hydrophobic / oleophobic coating – was originally developed for promoting dropwise condensation in condensers to enhance heat transfer efficiency. The newly updated version has increased SuperCN’s ability to repel water and oils, with an improved adhesion to substrates, higher abrasion resistance, and better chemical and solvent resistance, all while remaining highly transparent. The SuperCN coating exhibits excellent anti-fingerprinting, anti-fouling, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean properties. The coating does not change the appearance of the substrate to be coated.

NEI’s SuperCN coating is based on a patent-pending composition comprised of sustainable functionalized perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs) that do not contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Although PFPEs are known for their non-stick and lubricating properties, it has been a major technical challenge to incorporate them into a stable formulation that can lead to a coating with sufficient adhesion to various substrates. NEI’s SuperCN formulation overcomes this stability issue. Additionally, while PFPE-based, easy-to-clean coatings that are currently on the market generally form very thin (< 100nm) coatings, SuperCN coatings have a thickness of 2-5 microns, thereby creating a more mechanically stable coating that cannot be easily removed by abrasion or harsh cleaners and chemicals.

The contact angles of SuperCN-coated surfaces are 108 – 120° for water and 60 – 70° for hexadecane. The hydrophobicity and oleophobicity are maintained after thousands of rubs against a wool felt abrasion wheel (ASTM D1044). Additionally, the measured Δ Haze is less than 3% on polycarbonate substrates (CS-10F wheels, 500 gram load, 500 cycles). NANOMYTE® SuperCN adheres exceptionally well via covalent bonding with glass, ceramics, and basic metals (such as aluminum, zinc, and tin plate) with a standard industrial cleaning method. For passivated or noble metals – such as stainless steel, chrome, titanium, and copper alloys – NEI has developed a novel and specific surface pretreatment procedure to activate the surface before the application of SuperCN, leading to durable adhesion. Furthermore, the coating can also be applied to plastics (such as polycarbonate, PMMA, PET, polyurethane, and epoxy) with or without the use of a primer depending on the activation state of the substrate. NEI supplies a primer product, NANOMYTE® SR-Primer, which works well with a range of plastics.

The development of SuperCN was spurred by a high number of requests from customers that expressed a need for a relatively thin coating that is highly hydrophobic and oleophobic, but also hard and transparent. SuperCN is easy to use and ideally suited for a variety of commonly used consumer products, such as kitchen appliances, shower heads, hand rails, faucets, dining tables, shower doors, medical devices, optical lenses, and touch screens. The liquid coating solution can be applied by dipping, spraying, roll or flow coating, and is thermally cured at 80 – 150°C (a room temperature cure version is also available). NEI offers NANOMYTE® SuperCN in liter or gallon quantities, or through its in-house coatings service for customer parts. Finally, NEI also provides development services, wherein coating formulations are created to address specific customer requirements.

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About NEI Corporation:

NEI Corporation is an applications-driven company that utilizes nanotechnology to develop and manufacture Advanced Materials for a broad range of markets. The company’s materials and process technologies are protected by a total of seventeen patents. NEI offers an array of Advanced Protective Coatings for glass, metal and polymer surfaces. The coatings have tailored functionalities such as anti-corrosion, self-healing, scratch resistance, ice-phobic, and self-cleaning.

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