TIPs: Transition Innovations to Products

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“Bridging the Gap in Technology Transfer”

NEI Corporation offers a service called TIPsTM – Transition Innovations to Products, which adds value to technologies that are at a nascent stage, making it more attractive for either a licensing agreement or for further investment. The TIPs process is most effective when the technology needs to be scaled to a level that a potential licensee or a corporate commercialization partner begins to gain confidence in the technology. NEI’s TIPs service is designed so that the institution’s Intellectual Property remains free and clear and is not encumbered by partnering with NEI.

From Proof-of-Concept to Products

NEI Corporation has developed the ability to rapidly transition technologies from proof-of-concept to products. The practical market-oriented approach involves process development & scale-up, prototype demonstration, and identification & bridging of technology gaps. The objective is to derive a strong value proposition for a potential licensee or customer. This methodology has been used successfully by NEI over the past decade to complete scores of transactions leading to new Advanced Materials products. Through the TIPsTM service, NEI Corporation is now bringing this experience and expertise to university faculty and other researchers who are involved in Advanced Materials.


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Tips Information Sheet

Tips Information Sheet