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Lithium-ion Battery R&D Services

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NEI offers cost-effective, comprehensive materials development, characterization, & electrochemical testing services to provide you with the tools you need to implement your materials into the next generation of batteries. Our materials science background and extensive battery testing experience allows us to correlate materials characteristics with performance, helping you achieve the best cell performance possible for your material. We also have manufacturing capabilities in place to produce your custom material in large quantities, and all work is done in a highly confidential manner.

Custom Battery MaterialsCustom Battery Materials Development »

NEI offers customized battery materials development services to suit your application’s specific needs. Our ability to tailor materials has resulted in improved battery performance for our customers. We create a custom materials solution to meet your requirements through a structured approach involving specified milestones.


Battery Cell Assembly & Testing Services »

NEI offers cost-effective and comprehensive electrochemical testing services, including lithium-ion coin cell and pouch cell fabrication and testing. Our expertise in fundamental materials science and battery testing allows us to make correlations between materials characteristics and performance, assisting our customers in attaining the best cell performance with their materials.