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Custom Coatings Solutions

Partner with us for advanced materials development, specifically for your application. We combine our intellectual property and technical expertise to develop a coating that suits your application’s needs. We create a custom coatings solution to meet your requirements through a structured approach involving specified milestones. We will work with you from initial R&D all the way through large scale manufacturing. Your intellectual property rights are fully protected at all times.
Describe your materials needs to us by completing a Request Form and a representative will get back to you immediately.

Core Competencies

We provide advanced materials development services based on our experience with several technologies. For more detailed information on any of our technologies, contact one of our Technical Experts.


Self-Healing Polymers

NEI has developed a generic self-healing technology that allows polymer coatings to “self-heal” if scratched or cracked. To date, we have demonstrated self-healing in polyurethane-based coatings. We are implementing our technology in various polymer materials for specific commercial applications. 


Corrosion Protection

NEI has developed chromate-free, anti-corrosion coating systems for aluminum, steel, and magnesium. These environmentally friendly coatings include pretreatments, primers, and topcoats and are based on nanoscale materials. These coatings can be custom tailored to provide advantages for specific applications.


Hard, Scratch Resistant Barrier Coatings

NEI has developed transparent coatings for polymer substrates that offer exceptional hardness and scratch resistance. Our environmentally benign coating solutions are waterborne. The composition of the coating can be tailored to suit specific application requirements.


Polymer Coatings for Fabrics

NEI’s additives for fluoropolymer fabric coatings and silicone fabric coatings resist unwanted permeation of gas through fabric, protect base fabric from environmental degradation, and provide chemical and environmental stability.