Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Abrasion Resistant Coatings

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NANOMYTE® Hardcoat

NANOMYTE® Hardcoat fulfills the need for abrasion or scratch-resistant coatings on plastic substrates, which are needed in a variety of applications such as ophthalmic & sportswear lenses, automobile, airplane windows, and 3D printed parts. Transparent plastics, such as polycarbonate and acrylic, as well as molded parts with a high gloss finish, can scratch and scuff easily and lose transparency quickly during routine use and maintenance.


NANOMYTE® SR-100 Hardcoat

NANOMYTE® SR-100 fulfills the need for abrasion or scratch resistant coatings on plastic substrates. It forms a ceramic-like hard surface that is needed in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. The 2-component liquid coating can be applied on surfaces using standard coating processes, including dip-coating, spray coating, and spin-coating. NEI also supplies a primer product – NANOMYTE® SR-Primer – which works well with a range of plastics.

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The liquid coating solution is available in liter and gallon quantities and can be applied by dipping, spraying, roll or flow coating. NEI also offers in-house coating services for customer’s parts, as well as coating development services, wherein coating formulations are customized to address specific customer requirements.

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