Protective Coatings for 3D Printed Parts

Protective Coatings for 3D Printed Parts

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Bringing the NANOMYTE® Advantage to 3D Printing

NANOMYTE® protective coatings can impart durability to 3D printed (additive manufacturing) components by providing abrasion and scratch resistance. Additionally, NANOMYTE® coatings can also make 3D printed surfaces hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, or easy-to-clean. Since the coatings are transparent, the aesthetic appearance of the coated parts are maintained.
3D Printed Part Coated with NANOMYTE(R) Hardcoat

NANOMYTE® SR-100 Hardcoat »

NANOMYTE® SR-100 fulfills the need for abrasion or scratch resistant coatings on plastic substrates. It forms a ceramic-like hard surface that is needed in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. SR-100 is a liquid and can be applied on surfaces using standard coating processes, including dip-coating, spray coating and spin-coating.


NANOMYTE® SuperCN is a durable, highly hydrophobic coating designed for a variety of substrates including metals and polymers. The patent-pending coating has a unique combination of properties that includes hydrophobicity and oleophobicity, with specifically good adhesion to stainless steel, superior abrasion, and erosion resistance.


NANOMYTE® SR-500EC is a transparent coating designed to make surfaces easy-to-clean. The hard, dense, and smooth coating resists scratching and chipping, strongly adheres to a variety of surfaces, and has superior water repellency and soil resistance. SR-500EC is easy to apply and can be cured at room temperature.
Customized Formulations

Customized Formulations »

NEI can work with you to develop customized formulations and curing protocols for your 3D printed parts and materials. We also have the in-house capability to coat your components and substrates. Using the NANOMYTE® Coating technology platform, we can incorporate additional coating functionalities to our existing coatings to meet your specific needs.