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Cathode & Anode Tapes

NEI’s standard electrode sheets are now offered at a *new lower price* and available in ready-to-ship packages of 2, 5, and 10 sheets (per material).

All of our standard electrode sheets are cast on 5 inch x 10 inch sheets of aluminum (cathode) or copper foil (anode), single-side coated with a 90% active material loading (~2 mAh/cmcapacity). We can also customize tapes to your specifications (such as loading, thickness, binder, & collector) for an additional fee (select “Customized Sheets” on our form below). *If both cathode and anode sheets are purchased, loading will be matched with an anode/cathode capacity ratio of 1.2 (unless specified otherwise).*

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Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free samples.

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