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Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries

Anode materials are the negative electrode in lithium-ion batteries and are paired with cathode materials in a lithium-ion cell. The anode materials in lithium-ion cells act as the host where they reversibly allow lithium-ion intercalation / deintercallation during charge / discharge cycles. General criteria for selection of suitable intercalation-based anode materials include (i) low first cycle irreversible loss, (ii) high coulombic efficiency, (iii) fast lithium-ion diffusion into and out of the anode, (iv) high ionic and electronic conductivity, (v) minimum structural changes upon charge and discharge, (vi) high specific capacity (mAh/g), and (vii) the ability to form and maintain a stable SEI (Solid Electrolyte Interface) layer upon cycling. In addition to standard anode materials, NEI can also provide customized anode materials based on the customer’s needs.

NANOMYTE® Anode Powders

Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) »

Lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12) is an electrode material with exceptional electrochemical stability, often used as the anode in lithium-ion batteries for applications that require high rate, long cycle life, and high efficiency. LTO-based batteries are considered safer and have a wider operating temperature range.

Custom Lithium-ion Anode Materials »

NEI specializes in developing new compositions and particle morphologies (including nanoscale particle engineering) and has been a long trusted source for customized cathode and anode materials used in lithium-ion batteries.

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