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December 3, 2014


NEI introduces NANOMYTE® SuperAi, a Durable Anti-ice Coating

NEI Corporation announced today that it has introduced NANOMYTE® SuperAi – a nanocomposite coating that imparts anti-icing properties to the underlying substrate. The transparent coating also provides a hard, dense and smooth finish. Surfaces treated with SuperAi exhibit reduced ice adhesion, thereby preventing ice buildup… read more »

November 5, 2014

NEI Issues Update on Development of NANOMYTE® TC-5001, a Protective Coating for Zinc-Plated and Galvanized Steel

NEI Corporation has issued a product update following the successful introduction of NANOMYTE® TC‐5001 – a nanotechnology-enabled, anti-corrosion coating for zinc‐plated, hot‐dip galvanized (HDG) and zinc phosphate steel surfaces. TC-5001 is… read more »

 October 16, 2014

NEI Launches Online Store for ANTS Ceramic Labware

NEI Corporation is proud to announce that it will now be distributing ANTS Ceramics Labware. ANTS Ceramics is one of the premium manufacturers of high quality ceramic labware. As the sole distributor of ANTS labware in the Americas, NEI will offer cylindrical, conical and high-form crucibles, boats, discs, plates and trays at a competitive price… read more »

September 9, 2014

NEI Corporation and PneumatiCoat Technologies Sign Agreement to Jointly Develop and Market New Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries

NEI Corporation and PneumatiCoat Technologies have initiated a collaboration to develop, produce, and market coated battery materials – cathodes, anodes, and solid electrolytes. The partnership will help serve the needs… read more »

May 20, 2014

Water-based Li-ion Batteries

NEI Corporation Initiates Development of Water-based Lithium-ion Batteries

NEI Corporation is developing a lithium-ion battery where the electrolytes are dissolved in water instead of an organic solvent. The aqueous-based lithium-ion battery has the potential to eliminate the risks associated with state of the art lithium-ion batteries, where the organic solvents are highly flammable… read more »

April 30, 2014


DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Highlights NANOMYTE® PT-60 Coating Technology

A Nanotechnology-Based, Self-Healing, Chromate-Free Conversion Coating for Magnesium Alloys

NEI’s NANOMYTE® PT-60, a breakthrough coating for magnesium… read article »

March 26, 2014


SuperCN Plus – A New Generation of Durable Superhydrophobic Coatings

NEI announced today that it has introduced NANOMYTE® SuperCN Plus – a functionally graded coating that imparts superhydrophobic properties to the underlying substrate while providing greater abrasion resistance compared to existing superhydrophobic coatings. Surfaces treated with SuperCN Plus force liquids to bead up and… read more »

March 11, 2014


New Self-healing Anti-corrosion Coating for Zinc-Plated & Galvanized Steel

NEI Corporation recently introduced NANOMYTE® TC‐5001, a nanotechnology-enabled, single component, clear coating that significantly improves the corrosion resistance of zinc‐plated and hot‐dip galvanized (HDG) steel. It is amenable to dipping, brushing, and spray coating. The new coating technology is designed to protect zinc‐plated and… read more »

February 27, 2014

Self-Healing Coating for Copper

USPTO allows NEI Corporation’s Claims for a Self-healing Coating

NEI Corporation announced today that the USPTO has issued a notice of allowance for its patent for a self-healing coating technology. The allowed claims describe an environmentally benign, conversion coating formulation, specifically applicable to copper and copper alloys. The inorganic-organic hybrid coating (NANOMYTE® PT-30), which can be applied… read more »

January 30, 2014


Robotics Tomorrow eMagazine interviews NEI on new Electrospinning Service

Electrospinning Articles

Electrospinning can be used to produce advanced materials that otherwise would not be possible to make… read interview article »

January 23, 2014


NEI Introduces Prototyping Service for Electrospinning of Fibers

NEI Corporation announced today a new service for producing nanoscale and microscale fibers through electrospinning. NEI is offering its knowledge and expertise in helping to transition concepts into working prototypes. Electrospinning is a technique to form fibers by the use of a voltage potential between a solution of the material and a… read more »