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November 27:

Farm Journal explores NEI’s easy-to-clean nanocoating for farm machinery


October 22:

NEI Product Update for Solid Electrolyte Powder – NANOMYTE® SSE-10 (LSPS)


October 21:

Dr. Ganesh Skandan, CEO of NEI, talks to AZoM about Advanced Protective Coatings


August 30:

NEI’s Battery Research Work with Army Featured in CBS News Article


August 20:

NEI Corporation introduces NANOMYTE® SR-100EC – An Easy-to-Clean, Scratch Resistant Coating


July 30:

NEI Corporation Completes Demonstration Project on Enhancing Energy Efficiency of Power Plant Condensers


May 14:

NEI introduces NANOMYTE® SSE-10 (Li10SnP2S12) – A Solid State Electrolyte Powder for Lithium-ion Batteries


May 10:

NEI’s “Self-Healing Nanocomposites for Reusable Composite Cryotanks” featured in NASA Tech Briefs – May 2013

NEI’s “Multi-scale CNT-Based Reinforcing Polymer Matrix Composites for Lightweight Structures” featured in NASA Tech Briefs – May 2013


May 6:

NANOMYTE® PT‐60C – A New Electrically Conducting Corrosion Resistant Coating


April 24:

NEI’s Self-Healing Polymeric Coatings featured in DOE’s latest report


NEI’s “High Temperature Resistant Superhydrophobic Nanocomposite Coatings” featured in DOE’s updated report, “Impacts – Results Summary for CY 2010″ 


April 22:

Recent Advances at NEI on an Adhesion-Promoting, Corrosion-Resistant Pretreatment for Metal Structures


February 28:

Recent Advances at NEI on Self-Healing, Chromate-free Conversion Coating for Magnesium Alloys


February 7:

High-Temperature Nanocomposite Adhesives developed by NEI Corporation featured in NASA Tech Briefs, February 2013 edition


January 28:

NEI Corporation White Paper: Recent Advances in Self-Healing Fiber-Reinforced Composites


January 22:

NEI’s SuperCondenser Technology is one of 5 technologies highlighted by the DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office