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February 7, 2017


NEI Announces Allowance of Two New Patents to Its Portfolio of Functional Coatings

NEI Corporation announced today that the USPTO has issued a notice of allowance to the company on two patent applications; one for a durable highly hydrophobic coating and the other for an adhesion promoting surface treatment. These patents complement NEI’s portfolio of patents pertaining to superhydrophobic, self-healing, and abrasion resistant coatings. Full Press Release »

January 31, 2017

NEI Patented Coatings Technology Brief

While great strides have been made in academic circles to understand the different surface phenomena of ‘smart coatings’, commercial products to date have met with limited success because they are not engineered to meet all of the functional performance requirements that an application may need. Over the past few years, NEI Corporation’s concerted efforts to develop and implement practical, multi-functional coatings have now come to fruition. Full Tech Brief »

October 25, 2016


Latest Test Results Confirm Performance of NEI’s Newly Optimized Anti-Ice Coating

Today, NEI announced that it has enhanced the performance of its anti-ice coating – NANOMYTE® SuperAi – and confirmed its efficacy through rigorous testing under a variety of icing conditions. SuperAi is a nanocomposite coating that imparts anti-ice properties to a variety of substrates and reduces ice adhesion by more than 80%. Full Press Release »

April 26, 2016


NEI introduces durable, anti-fog coating – NANOMYTE® SAF-100

Today, NEI introduced NANOMYTE® SAF-100, an optical grade, anti-fog coating with excellent abrasion and water resistance. The coating passes EN 168 for Mist Retardant Anti-fog Coatings and also exhibits anti-frost properties. SAF-100 also provides a high degree of mechanical stability, with a pencil hardness of HB. As a result, the anti-fog properties are retained after repeated washing with soap and water. Full Press Release »

April 1, 2016


NASA Tech Briefs features Solid Electrolyte Work with NEI Corporation

“High-energy-density and safe rechargeable batteries are required for NASA’s future exploration missions. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are attractive energy storage systems due to their relatively high energy and power densities. However, the unfavorable side reactions between the electrodes and the liquid electrolyte adversely impact performance. These interfacial reactions are in the form of either anodic oxidation of the electrolyte, or dissolution of the cathode…”  Full Article »


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