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Below is NEI Corporation’s video library of product demonstrations, featuring the latest in state of the art nanotechnology.

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NEI’s Superhydrophobic Coating (SuperCN Plus)

NEI’s Anti-Ice Coating (SuperAi)

NEI’s Easy-to-Clean Hardcoat (SR-100EC)

NEI’s Superhydrophobic (SuperCN) Coating

NEI’s Self-Cleaning Coating (SR-100EC)

NEI’s Self-Healing, Superhydrophobic Coating

NEI’s Self-Healing, Waterborne Coating for Wood (MEND)

NEI’s Self-Healing, Waterborne Coating for Metals & Wood (MEND)
NEI’s Self-Healing Coating for Metals (MEND)

NEI’s Anti-Icing Coating Demonstration (SuperAi)
NEI’s Easy-to-Clean Coatings Demonstration
NANOMYTE® Advanced Protective Coatings
NANOMYTE® AC-1001 – an ultra-thin, corrosion resistant coating for carbon steel