Coating Technical Data Sheets

View and download the latest technical data sheets and application instructions for our NANOMYTE® Coating products below.


Coating Type


Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

NANOMYTE® MEND 1000Self-healingSolventborne, 2-part, thermally cured, self-heals @ 60 - 80CMEND 1000 TDS
NANOMYTE® MEND 2000Self-healingSolventborne, 2-part, thermally cured, self-heals @ RTMEND 2000 TDS
NANOMYTE® MEND 3000Self-healingSolventborne, 2-part, RT cure, self-heals @ 60 - 80CMEND 3000 TDS
NANOMYTE® MEND 4000Self-healingWaterborne, 1-part, thermally cured, self-heals @ 60 - 80CMEND 4000 TDS
NANOMYTE® PT-60Anti-corrosionWaterborne, chromate-free, conversion coating pretreatment for MgPT-60 TDS
NANOMYTE® PT-60CAnti-corrosionElectrically conductive, waterborne, chromate-free, pretreatment for MgPT-60C TDS
NANOMYTE® SAF-100Anti-fogOptical grade, 2-part, abrasion resistant, water resistant, thermal cureSAF-100 TDS
NANOMYTE® SR-PrimerPrimerAdhesion promoter for plastic substratesNo TDS
(see specific coating for details)
NANOMYTE® SR-100HardcoatAbrasion and scratch-resistant, transparent, 2-component, thermal cureSR-100 TDS
NANOMYTE® SR-100ECEasy to CleanDurable, transparent, scratch-resistant, water repellent, 3-part, thermal cureSR-100EC TDS
NANOMYTE® SR-500ECEasy to CleanTransparent, scratch-resistant, water repellent, RT or thermal cureSR-500EC TDS
NANOMYTE® SuperAiAnti-iceDurable, 1-part hydrophobic, anti-ice, RT or thermal cureSuperAi TDS
NANOMYTE® SuperCNHydrophobicDurable, 2-component, highly hydrophobic, thermal cureSuperCN TDS
NANOMYTE® SuperCN PlusSuperhydrophobicDurable, highly hydrophobic, thermal cureSuperCN Plus TDS
NANOMYTE® TC-4001Anti-corrosionThin, hard, solventborne, nanocomposite coating for metalsTC-4001 TDS
NANOMYTE® TC-5001Anti-corrosionSolventborne, hard barrier coating for zinc-plated and galvanized steelTC-5001 TDS